Today on the blog the fabulous mother and daughter team, Laura and Guili. Looking to spend some time together and learn a little something more about the city they love (they are both locals), they opted for the hip iPhone tour. Wearing matching tee’s, they hit the streets and dominated iPhoneography with these amazing images! We also found THE BEST selfie mirror in the city!

If you would like to see the iPhone portraits I took of Laura and Guili, hop on over to my personal BLOG.

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Today on the blog we have Francesca from London!

Francesca and her boyfriend, Andrew joined me on a tour in San Telmo last week. She was a keen student and was fully excited about learning anything and everything related to street photography. I love it when clients ask lots of questions. Not only does it mean you are truly interested but, it also means you learn a lot faster. It also makes my job even more fulfilling.

Check out Francesca’s photos. Pretty cool, si?

Visiting Buenos Aires? If you want to learn about photography and visit a cool barrio send us a message.

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