Check out Sherman's cool fish eye images of the colourful graffiti in Palermo Soho and Hollywood in Buenos Aires. We put some serious mileage on our sneakers in just over 2 hours (I think Sherman's Fitbit clocked us in at 10,000+ steps?) and saw almost every work of art Palermo has to offer! Each piece of street art has a story to tell and Sherman captured the diversity of colour and artists intention perfectly.

We were lucky enough to have a slightly overcast day so it meant no harsh shadows from trees or other buildings. My pro tip; if your shooting on a sunny day, instead of avoiding the shadows, incorporate them into your image. Take what you have and find an interesting way to let it compliment your photo. Or, wait for a cloud to pass by and/or crop out the inconstant light and use negative space to add tension by adding more sky or street.

Come shoot with me! I have lots of tips and tricks for capturing graffiti creatively and you don't have to have a fish eye ;)