Warm Thoughts on a Chilly Day


It's been an extremely mild winter here in Buenos Aires. So much so that it almost mimicked the summer in my hometown, Toronto. It has been wonderful, until today. Damp, cold, bone chilling wind which resembles Irish weather and when you've been supremely spoiled, it's just plain awful. So, I decided to go back to the beginning of the summer, when I visited some ex-passengers from the ship. Pat, Henry and their dog, Tattoo welcomed me into their little slice of Swedish heaven in Töcksfors. With similar landscape and summertime activities to my native, Canada, I felt right at home. Clear cool lakes, lakes on top of mountain tops, boat rides, doggie selfies, chilly swims, fishing, cleaning and eating our catch. Blissful tranquility and a little slice of sunshine on this dreary day. Breeze though the slideshow and feel the warmth!

For all these shots I used my fabulous Fuji XT1 and my sweet 14mm prime lens. I love this camera, if you are thinking about going mirrorless, send me a message, I'd be happy to chat with you about it.