Grant and Celine Test Drive 'Photo Me'!

Celine-Grant -6.jpg

It's been a busy summer/winter so far! I have been traveling the globe, searching for new locations for Day Clicker (stand by for updates!), visiting friends, eating, drinking and shooting, of course. Now that I have returned to Buenos Aires, I decided to make a few changes. I revamped the Day Clicker website with a fresh, modern look and I added a new service called 'Photo Me'. This tour is a little different. You put your camera down and I snap photos of you celebrating a social occasion, enjoying your holiday or just taking in the city. Celine and Grant were first to book the new 'tour'. We strolled through Palermo Viejo to Olsen Restaurant in Palermo Soho, while I snapped pics of them before their return to summer in NYC. It was great fun on a lovely 'winter' afternoon. I also got to use my new Fuji XT1 and 14mm lens for most of the shots you see here. Love this camera and this couple.

Selfies are great but having your own personal photographer is waaaay better! Book your session now starting at 30 minutes and lasting up to 2 hours. Groups of up to 6 people are welcome and children are free. Come explore the city and shoot with me!

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