Neumark Family

I met the Newmark family while they were on holiday from chilly Chicago. We were lucky enough, in our 2 sessions together, to have 2 super fabulous warm and sunny days (but not too warm!). It's fall in BA and where I'm from, giant trees do not bloom incredible cascading pink flowers in autumn, so in the glowing late sun of the afternoon, the scene was set for a lovely few shots. Look at that stunning mama and daughter. Simply gorgeous.

The next session, we went to one of my favourite places to shoot in San Telmo but alas, it was yet another strike in BA and it was closed. However, with my persistence and the graciousness of a super cool store (Hola, Mid Century! If you're looking for totally cool furniture, look no further!), they not only let us use their sneaky side door entrance but also let me take a quick shot with their table and chair set up ("you just always get what you want, don't you?", yes. Yes, I do!).

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Moses the Photographer

Moses toured with me and my visiting pal, Liane. He brought along is friend, Carmel (who inadvertently became our model for a few shots). We sipped wine, chatted about photography and strolled through the streets of Boedo. I knew, before looking at Moses' work, that he was going to create some wonderful images. He is a patient, curious and has the ability to find something where there is (presumably) nothing. All the markings of a great street photographer. Just when I am reminded that I have the best job in the world, along comes Moses and makes it even better!

*That's Liane, me and Carmel in the last shot, taking an ice-cream break ;)

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The Proposal!

Andrew proposed to his girlfriend and it was awesome! My assistant, Paloma Herb, captured these images at El Pasaje Defensa in San Telmo. Engagement photography is incredibly special, and we are so thrilled that Day Clicker was there to capture your lovely moment. Congratulations!

Cyle - Almagro/Soho Tour

I do love me some street portraiture. Cyle definitely delivered! Cat in a cafe?! Cuter than cute old guys on park benches. Love. It.

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Craig y Marina - Get Hitched!

Beautiful couple. Amazing venue. Fab food. Conga line. All before the rain arrived! Congrats Craig and Marina!

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