The Black and White Project

I've been working on doing something a little different with my personal work. I felt like I was in a bit of a creative funk. Then I met my client, turned friend, turned assistant, Asia. She inspired me with her incredibly simple, mostly landscape, mostly black and white images. She suggested we switch styles to bring ourselves out of our comfort zone. Genius.

These images are of Mar Del Plata, Argentina. I think MDP get a bit of a bad rap for being a super touristy and all around gross beach destination. I disagree and have the photos to prove it ;)

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Oh! I just realized that tomorrow marks my 5 year Buenos Aires Anniversary. How time does fly. Thanks for taking the time to stop by.


Clicking in to 2016

I really liked today. One of my last scheduled shoots of the season was a mini 20 minutes with the Cotten family. I rarely post my own work here but to finish off 2015 I thought I would. I have been creatively struggling about what to post, until today. 

I had a very last minute booking with Katrien, Pete and Boris. I always try to find a connection with my clients (no seriously, I really do!) and I took one look at baby Boris saw that he was the spitting image of my brother at 10 months. Plus, I was shooting in the park where I take my dog daily.  Nice x2. I felt good taking these photos. Beautiful family. Tons of love. Familiar surroundings. It was nice way to finish 2015 (almost!).

Thank you to all my clients in 2015 and I look forward to meeting you in 2016!

Happy everything to you and yours xx


The Canadian Contingency!

I adore all my clients but as a proud Canadian, I do have a soft spot for my countrymen (and women!). Ed and Marilyn booked a tour with me and I showed them my old neighbourhood, Villa Crespo, one of my favourite spots to tour. As we chatted about The Homeland and I chatted with my pals I haven't seen for a while, Marilyn took these amazing shots with her DSLR. At the start of the tour we talked about strengths and stuff that could be improved. She said she was feeling less than confident about her creative photo skills. Well, Marilyn! You need not worry anymore! Check out her wonderful photos using interesting angles, shapes and lines and the key to everything: SIMPLICITY!

So great to have you both on a tour, you made my week!

Want to tour with me! Shoot me a message.

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Today, Asia from Poland came on my tour. I'm not going to say much because the images speak for themselves (AMAMAMAMAAAAZING!!). What I am going to say, is that she taught me today. It was a beautiful thing and refreshing as I am usually the teacher. I'm all about learning and Asia taught me a different way of looking at the world. Simple. Mostly Black and White. Kinda like how life should be? I have been feeling a bit of a creative funk lately and this has helped me see the light. Big time.

We have decided to hang out and shoot together more. Next time, we are going to try to swap creative styles. She shoots like I do, and I shoot like she does. I am overly excited about this.

Follow her on Instagram at ASIAPIECYK hey! Follow ME on Instagram too AmeliaMcFoto

Check out her work and if you want me to show the cool places to shoot in Buenos Aires, hit me up. Maybe you can teach me something too!

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Zach's Solid GOLD Street Photography

While I was out of the country, Zach booked a 4 day custom tour with my amazing assistant, Paloma. I was not-so-secretly jealous that I was away and couldn't tour with Zach myself. It sounded like they had the best photo times together in some of the coolest spots in Buenos Aires and beyond. They hit up Chacarita Cemetery, San Telmo, Palacio Barolo (for that great aerial shot of Congresso), Tigre and The Delta, Feria de Mataderos (I highly recommend this market!) and a quick side trip outside of the city to a day long Estancia outing. Whew! They packed it in an check out the SOLID GOLD shots that Zach captured.

I'm in love with these images. Easily some of the best I have seen from a client. The lighting perfection, composition king, the sense of place, the leading lines, the candid captures. Love it love it LOVE IT! Beautiful simplicity, friends and fellow photographer take note. Simplicity and stillness always wins.

I hope these wonderful images have inspired you to have a look through your own lens a little differently. Novice and professionals alike. You should never stop learning and Zach shots are a great teaching tool. Amazing work.

We can take you to see these places. We can improve your skills or hone your existing talents. Book a custom tour and Argentina is your oyster. BOOK NOW!

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