Check out Sherman's cool fish eye images of the colourful graffiti in Palermo Soho and Hollywood in Buenos Aires. We put some serious mileage on our sneakers in just over 2 hours (I think Sherman's Fitbit clocked us in at 10,000+ steps?) and saw almost every work of art Palermo has to offer! Each piece of street art has a story to tell and Sherman captured the diversity of colour and artists intention perfectly.

We were lucky enough to have a slightly overcast day so it meant no harsh shadows from trees or other buildings. My pro tip; if your shooting on a sunny day, instead of avoiding the shadows, incorporate them into your image. Take what you have and find an interesting way to let it compliment your photo. Or, wait for a cloud to pass by and/or crop out the inconstant light and use negative space to add tension by adding more sky or street.

Come shoot with me! I have lots of tips and tricks for capturing graffiti creatively and you don't have to have a fish eye ;) 

Portrait Photograhy by Emilie

I spent two awesome (but sweaty) days with Emilie back in February. The most amazing part of Emilie's photo story, is that she has been traveling the world, taking incredible portraits. Check out her Instagram here. When she came to me, she had no idea about the settings on her camera. I was so excited, not only to have a portrait photographer by my side during our day out, but to see the potential that Emilie has and watching her improve dramatically before my eyes, once she knew what buttons did what. Really nice work, I'm a very proud teacher!

I love capturing candid and posed moments with locals in off the beaten path locations. Message me and let's set up your next urban photo adventure.

Photographing People: Images by Pam Fricke

Pam and her friend Julie, joined me on a tour of Villa Crespo and the non-touristy side of Palermo Soho (it exists!). I was excited to learn, that like me, Pam is a lover of people photography, as her final photo edits suggest. I customized Pam tour to take her to places where I knew a few folks with interesting faces. It's not easy taking photos of people, there is a certain amount of skill involved. If you like to capture the moment and prefer and avoid the horrid 'thumbs up' or 'peace sign' that is usually displayed when you have been spotted. Here are my top 3 tips and tricks that Pam used to capture these images.

1. Shoot From the Hip: You don't alway have to have your camera in front of your face. Use your 'live view' or just shoot blind. *Be sure you have checked for proper exposure in similar lighting conditions to your subject if you're shooting in Manual mode (the best mode!)

2. If you are engaged in conversation with someone, it's ok to photograph them. They know what you're up to. Keep shooting while you're talking, not so much when they're are talking to avoid awkward expressions. Take advantage of moments when your subject smiles or looks away thoughtfully. That's when you'll get your shot.

3. Be quick and don't be shy! Chances are, you subject won't hang about forever. Look at the light where your subject is situated, quickly check your exposure in similar light and go for it! Hesitation can lead to disappointment. With that being said, if you don't get the shot, don't sweat it too much. Something else will come along if you have patience!

Enjoy Pam's pics. Click to enlarge and scroll through the gallery.

Come meet my buddies and let me take you through the lesser known streets of Buenos Aires for some real street photography! Hit me up! Book a tour!

The Black and White Project

I've been working on doing something a little different with my personal work. I felt like I was in a bit of a creative funk. Then I met my client, turned friend, turned assistant, Asia. She inspired me with her incredibly simple, mostly landscape, mostly black and white images. She suggested we switch styles to bring ourselves out of our comfort zone. Genius.

These images are of Mar Del Plata, Argentina. I think MDP get a bit of a bad rap for being a super touristy and all around gross beach destination. I disagree and have the photos to prove it ;)

Click to enlarge each image to view it full screen. See more of my work here at 

Oh! I just realized that tomorrow marks my 5 year Buenos Aires Anniversary. How time does fly. Thanks for taking the time to stop by.


Clicking in to 2016

I really liked today. One of my last scheduled shoots of the season was a mini 20 minutes with the Cotten family. I rarely post my own work here but to finish off 2015 I thought I would. I have been creatively struggling about what to post, until today. 

I had a very last minute booking with Katrien, Pete and Boris. I always try to find a connection with my clients (no seriously, I really do!) and I took one look at baby Boris saw that he was the spitting image of my brother at 10 months. Plus, I was shooting in the park where I take my dog daily.  Nice x2. I felt good taking these photos. Beautiful family. Tons of love. Familiar surroundings. It was nice way to finish 2015 (almost!).

Thank you to all my clients in 2015 and I look forward to meeting you in 2016!

Happy everything to you and yours xx