Buenos Aires

Two Barrios with Three Points of View!

My clients are AMAZING! I may have mentioned this before. I have decided to feature 2 tours in 2 different barrios with 3 different clients. First, let me introduce husband and wife team, Daniel and Suzanne from my beautiful CANADA! We set off into the sneaky side streets of San Telmo and into La Boca. I loved how they worked as a team to get their shots. If one of the two was concentrating on a scene the other would find something else to turn their camera towards. "No point in getting the same shot, when we can get something totally different!". Indeed. They make beautiful books of their epic travels when they return to Ottawa to remember and share their adventures. Loved their use of colour and composition in their work. Team work at its finest!

Next, to the off-the-beaten-path Palermo tour with Eunice. I like her style. She likes to shoot anything and everything that is different from her home town in New Zealand. She is an inspiration to travelers everywhere, going it alone on BIG adventures at 70ish year young! During our tour, we walked in (literally) on a video shoot with model and model dog (image 2) and were invited inside a strangers home to admire it's beauty (image 3). You gotta love street photography in Buenos Aires! All the wonderfully random things can happen if you put out the good vibes! Love your photos and your spirit, Eunice!

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Photographing People: Images by Pam Fricke

Pam and her friend Julie, joined me on a tour of Villa Crespo and the non-touristy side of Palermo Soho (it exists!). I was excited to learn, that like me, Pam is a lover of people photography, as her final photo edits suggest. I customized Pam tour to take her to places where I knew a few folks with interesting faces. It's not easy taking photos of people, there is a certain amount of skill involved. If you like to capture the moment and prefer and avoid the horrid 'thumbs up' or 'peace sign' that is usually displayed when you have been spotted. Here are my top 3 tips and tricks that Pam used to capture these images.

1. Shoot From the Hip: You don't alway have to have your camera in front of your face. Use your 'live view' or just shoot blind. *Be sure you have checked for proper exposure in similar lighting conditions to your subject if you're shooting in Manual mode (the best mode!)

2. If you are engaged in conversation with someone, it's ok to photograph them. They know what you're up to. Keep shooting while you're talking, not so much when they're are talking to avoid awkward expressions. Take advantage of moments when your subject smiles or looks away thoughtfully. That's when you'll get your shot.

3. Be quick and don't be shy! Chances are, you subject won't hang about forever. Look at the light where your subject is situated, quickly check your exposure in similar light and go for it! Hesitation can lead to disappointment. With that being said, if you don't get the shot, don't sweat it too much. Something else will come along if you have patience!

Enjoy Pam's pics. Click to enlarge and scroll through the gallery.

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Today, Asia from Poland came on my tour. I'm not going to say much because the images speak for themselves (AMAMAMAMAAAAZING!!). What I am going to say, is that she taught me today. It was a beautiful thing and refreshing as I am usually the teacher. I'm all about learning and Asia taught me a different way of looking at the world. Simple. Mostly Black and White. Kinda like how life should be? I have been feeling a bit of a creative funk lately and this has helped me see the light. Big time.

We have decided to hang out and shoot together more. Next time, we are going to try to swap creative styles. She shoots like I do, and I shoot like she does. I am overly excited about this.

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Check out her work and if you want me to show the cool places to shoot in Buenos Aires, hit me up. Maybe you can teach me something too!

*click on the image to enlarge full frame ;)

Kunlun Kills It!

It has been a rainy winter here in Buenos Aires not always the best for wandering the streets. But Kunlun and my wonderful assistant, Paloma, set out to brave the elements and were rewarded with some excellent images.

They covered some serious ground from the beautiful bookstore, El Ateneo to Recoleta Cemetery and on to San Telmo. Proving that there are great things to be seen and discovered inside as well as outside.

I love Kunlun's eye for composition and capturing a moment. He also understood the concept always keeping your eyes peeled and to think creatively while shooting. I'm always begging my clients to not just look forward, but to look around and LOOK UP! Who knows what's going on up there and sometimes you can be rewarded.

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Neumark Family

I met the Newmark family while they were on holiday from chilly Chicago. We were lucky enough, in our 2 sessions together, to have 2 super fabulous warm and sunny days (but not too warm!). It's fall in BA and where I'm from, giant trees do not bloom incredible cascading pink flowers in autumn, so in the glowing late sun of the afternoon, the scene was set for a lovely few shots. Look at that stunning mama and daughter. Simply gorgeous.

The next session, we went to one of my favourite places to shoot in San Telmo but alas, it was yet another strike in BA and it was closed. However, with my persistence and the graciousness of a super cool store (Hola, Mid Century! If you're looking for totally cool furniture, look no further!), they not only let us use their sneaky side door entrance but also let me take a quick shot with their table and chair set up ("you just always get what you want, don't you?"....um, yes. Yes, I do!).

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