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Photographing People: Images by Pam Fricke

Pam and her friend Julie, joined me on a tour of Villa Crespo and the non-touristy side of Palermo Soho (it exists!). I was excited to learn, that like me, Pam is a lover of people photography, as her final photo edits suggest. I customized Pam tour to take her to places where I knew a few folks with interesting faces. It's not easy taking photos of people, there is a certain amount of skill involved. If you like to capture the moment and prefer and avoid the horrid 'thumbs up' or 'peace sign' that is usually displayed when you have been spotted. Here are my top 3 tips and tricks that Pam used to capture these images.

1. Shoot From the Hip: You don't alway have to have your camera in front of your face. Use your 'live view' or just shoot blind. *Be sure you have checked for proper exposure in similar lighting conditions to your subject if you're shooting in Manual mode (the best mode!)

2. If you are engaged in conversation with someone, it's ok to photograph them. They know what you're up to. Keep shooting while you're talking, not so much when they're are talking to avoid awkward expressions. Take advantage of moments when your subject smiles or looks away thoughtfully. That's when you'll get your shot.

3. Be quick and don't be shy! Chances are, you subject won't hang about forever. Look at the light where your subject is situated, quickly check your exposure in similar light and go for it! Hesitation can lead to disappointment. With that being said, if you don't get the shot, don't sweat it too much. Something else will come along if you have patience!

Enjoy Pam's pics. Click to enlarge and scroll through the gallery.

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