Clicking in to 2016

I really liked today. One of my last scheduled shoots of the season was a mini 20 minutes with the Cotten family. I rarely post my own work here but to finish off 2015 I thought I would. I have been creatively struggling about what to post, until today. 

I had a very last minute booking with Katrien, Pete and Boris. I always try to find a connection with my clients (no seriously, I really do!) and I took one look at baby Boris saw that he was the spitting image of my brother at 10 months. Plus, I was shooting in the park where I take my dog daily.  Nice x2. I felt good taking these photos. Beautiful family. Tons of love. Familiar surroundings. It was nice way to finish 2015 (almost!).

Thank you to all my clients in 2015 and I look forward to meeting you in 2016!

Happy everything to you and yours xx