The Canadian Contingency!

I adore all my clients but as a proud Canadian, I do have a soft spot for my countrymen (and women!). Ed and Marilyn booked a tour with me and I showed them my old neighbourhood, Villa Crespo, one of my favourite spots to tour. As we chatted about The Homeland and I chatted with my pals I haven't seen for a while, Marilyn took these amazing shots with her DSLR. At the start of the tour we talked about strengths and stuff that could be improved. She said she was feeling less than confident about her creative photo skills. Well, Marilyn! You need not worry anymore! Check out her wonderful photos using interesting angles, shapes and lines and the key to everything: SIMPLICITY!

So great to have you both on a tour, you made my week!

Want to tour with me! Shoot me a message.

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